mandag 13. juli 2009


There are a lot of challenges that occur when moving. Where do I put my Discman that has faithfully provided me with music these last 10 years? Should I throw it out just because I bought an mp3-player? Where do I put the mysterious box which my husband does not know actually contains toys from a long gone childhood? A lot of things are thrown away. However, I am a collector. I hate throwing things out that might come in handy some day. Yet, at the same time I can’t bring half of all the stuff I want with me to Austria…
Now, things have found their way into several cardboard boxes. How do we move it? We called everyone we knew in the area… yet in the middle of the summer people aren’t that easy to get a hold of. We got really desperate…. Eventually Per Eirik was able to borrow a car from his cousin. Tomorrow we will rent a hanger and drive all my stuff up to Grimerud (I think it will be full).
Today we face another challenge. What are we going to do with my laundry machine? It is very good – I have only had it for two years, but I can’t bring it with me. It was perfect for my apartment – it hardly made any noise. …ah.. as was writing this my real-estate agent called and told me of someone that was willing to by the machine for 1000 kr – We are blessed!!! So, now we only have to figure a way of getting rid of my heavy green sofa… - our plan is to break it into small pieces and drive it to the garbage dump.
These mundane things of life on the move, does not pull a shadow over the fact that we believe we are moving in the direction God is leading us. Per Eirik had been praying for God to confirm that what we are doing is his will. Yesterday when went to church he got his answer to his prayers. The preacher challenged her congregation to follow Peters example when he left his profession and followed Jesus when he called him – and to follow Jesus when he calls us to whatever he may call us to do. We have a tendency to make excuses for this challenge that Jesus gives us – our responsibility is to earn money and take care of our family – tend to our jobs and homes…. sleep-eat- work-eat sleep- work and sometimes a celebration comes along to brake the mundane routine. The preacher challenged us to take Jesus challenge literally… and I suppose that is what we are trying to do. We are not ready for it, we don’t feel equipped for it, the shoes that are served to us feel way too big… and the most reasonable thing would be to continue in our well paid jobs and buy a house together… yet… that is not where God is leading us. We both felt the sermon reinforcing the call God is putting on our hearts to leave everything and follow wherever He leads. A song came to my mind as we were praying after the sermon.. it’s a Swedish worship song from the 90’s. It goes something like this “to leave everything and follow me may cost you your life, but what I have is so much better…” I may be an idealist – maybe we both are but we have to go. We are bound by Gods love and we know that His life for us is so much better than all the things of this world….
Prayer requests:
- Pray that we will be able to move all my stuff tomorrow and drive it safely to Grimerud
- Pray that we will get the financial and prayer supports that we need
- Pray that we stay close to God and are able to hear His voice for this time
- Pray for our health

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  1. Du skriver så godt, Kristina!
    Jeg gleder meg til å følge med dere på ferden...Dumt at jeg ikke kunne hjelpe dere med bil denne gangen, men slik er det nå engang.

    Glad alt har ordnet seg og at dere får noen rolige dager i Kristiansand.