fredag 3. juli 2009

Married and Looking to the Future

Married… just a little under a week ago we stood before a judge and said our “yes” to each other. It was one of the greatest moments in my life. I am blessed. On our wedding day I sold my apartment – a big step among many – towards forming a future and building a home together.
Introduction…my name is Kristina, and I just married a wonderful man named Per Eirik. This fall we will both turn thirty…
Future… what will the future hold for us? We are both committed to serving God with our lives – but what does that entail for us? What can we do/what does God want us to do? After months and weeks with these kinds of thoughts playing out in our minds and hearts, we decided to contact Youth With a Mission. We have both attended Discipleship Training Schools with YWAM (Canada and South Africa), so YWAM was a natural place to start looking for ministry opportunities.
Surprise… to our big surprise things fell into place very quickly. Our reception at Grimerud (the main base for YWAM ministries in Norway) was beyond any of our hopes. Opportunities for ministry were presented to us and we felt God tugging at our hearts. After two days at Grimerud, we both knew were set on working with YWAM in Europe. It felt like God somehow had gone before us and prepared the path on which we now tread.
Challenge… a challenge that was way beyond what we ever imagined was proposed. A challenge we need Gods grace to even start looking at. We were asked to consider whether we would like to go to Austria for two years and be contacts for YWAM in Austria. In order for people to get to know us at Grimerud we are going to live within their perimeters until Christmas.
New beginnings… God has put His dreams within us, and we believe this will be like a new beginning for us both. We, by His grace, are tools in His hands. Our dream is to share God’s love and grace with the people of Austria.
Hopes... Our hopes for this blog is that it will give family, friends and those who wish to partner with us an opportunity to stay in touch and receive frequent updates. We also hope that this blog will encourage some of you to support us in prayer or/and financially. If you feel encouraged to support us – please let us know.

Our wish as a wedding gift would be partners that will support
us financially and in prayer. God bless you all.

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  1. Dear Kristina and Per Erik
    I'm so excited to hear the wonderful news... You have really thrown yourselves into a new adventure. Newlyweds, new home, new people, new opportunities, new challenges...
    What a great life you have chosen - to serve God ... there is nothing better!

    I don't know you Per Erik, but I do know Kristina. She is a wonderful, sweet, goodhearted, intelligent, serving, warm, spirit-filled, gifted girl (woman!) that I have learned to love over the past two years. If she chose you for her partner you must be pretty awesome too...
    So good luck to the two of you and I pray that God will bless you in every way possible in the years to follow!

    Phil 4:19
    But my God shall supply ALL your need according to HIS riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

    I'll follow and link to your blog from mine.

    Hugs from Ann-Kristin
    (Please come visit us...)