mandag 3. august 2009

Summer and in Love

In Love… One month has passed since we married. I am still very, very happy, - and still very, very much in love with my husband. I wonder if being single for so long makes me more appreciative of the fact that I am married…?

Summer… In spite of the fact that we have been moving out of my apartment and organizing our future move to Grimerud, we have not forgotten that fact that it is summer. We have been spending most of the last two weeks southern Norway – in Kristiansand. Here we have had the pleasure of going on a lovely boat trip with some of our friends. We also had one of my nephews down here for a couple of days. The weather has not been that great …with a lot of rainy and grey days.

The end… When I handed over my keys to my apartment almost two weeks ago it was the end of a chapter in my life. I really loved my apartment. Yet, when I left my apartment for the last time, I felt no sadness – more a feeling of relief and excitement. It is a new beginning and I am looking forward to whatever follows.

Support… it is really nice to read and hear from those of you who follow our blog. It has been encouraging to feel that people around us are supporting us. We have also started to get responses from people who would like to support us financially. We are so grateful that God is providing for us.

Bank account number…We have decided to put out a bank account number on this site, so those of who might feel like you would like to support us financially will be able to do so. We don’t want anyone to feel like they have to give… so feel free. If you are considering supporting us; whatever you give will be a blessing to us. Please send us an e-mail and let us know if you plan to support us with the same amount every month.

Austria…This week we received more information about our time in Austria. There are still a number of uncertainties, so what I am sharing with you is not written in stone. We might rent a house in Austria and share it with YWAM. There will be an YWAM office in the house. The house that YWAM is considering is situated in Mödling, just outside Vienna. There are also plans of a short trip to Austria in September, but can’t share the details with you yet.

Near future… next week we plan on moving up to Grimerud. We are going to move into a room in one of the buildings on the base. This is a temporary move – in September we are planning to move into a bigger apartment. August 12- 14th we are going to YWAM’s “Go”-camp in Stavern. On Saturday the 15th we are attending a wedding outside Oslo. In the week that follows I will start to teach a small class at a college for theology and leadership in Oslo. During the same week things at Grimerud are starting up for this fall. So…, we have some really exciting weeks ahead of us!

Prayer Request:
- Pray for our health
- Pray for safety as we will be driving a lot the next two weeks
- Pray that the “Go”-camp will be a time of blessing for us.
- Pray that we will have a wonderful time at Grimerud
- Pray for Kristina’s teaching -that she will have Gods wisdom.

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