mandag 31. mai 2010

A Short Summary of our Wonderful May….

We have been enjoying the nice spring here but in May it has rained almost every day. However, when the sun comes out it is above 20 degrees outside.

- In the beginning of May we went to Mauthausen to visit another missionary from Norway -Ruth Turid Vea. This was a very nice and encourageing visit. We also went to see the concentrationcamp there.

- In the second week of May we got a small team from YWAM, Norway visiting us. They were here to plan an outreach that will be held here in July. It is a church group from Norway (mostly teenagers) that will come this summer - they will work with Salvation Army, YMCA, refugees and some of the local churches.

- The weekend after we were supposed to go up to Regensburg to meet my aunt visiting from Canada and the rest of the family in Germany, but unfortunately my husband became very sick - with a high fever, throwing up ect... He was sick well into the next week.

-17. May (Norway’s national holiday) we celebrated at a community center with a group of Norwegians. In the evening we were invited to the resident of the ambassadors for a reception there along with all the other registered Norwegians here. It was a very good celebration even though my husband was still a bit weak and not quite well yet.

- On Thursday that week my parents-in-law came from Norway to visit us. We had a great visit with them and showed them a bit of Vienna and the area around here.

- On Monday last week another team from Norway came down here. Lucy and Einar Andre came from the YWAM base in Skien and Nina came from the Grimerud base. They were here to join a Catholic evangelistic outreach. We were invited to teach on one of their community meetings and pray for healing for people. This was very good and we saw several people healed and touched by God. The next day we joined the same group in evangelizing on the streets of Vienna. The team has been into Vienna several times this week to evangelize and seems to really have enjoyed their stay here.

- We now have a good contact with some of the Catholic groups in Vienna. In May we have also had meetings with the main leader for deacon education within the Catholic Church here in Austria and the head of the pastoral offices. So May has been a fruitful and busy month.

- On Wednesday we are traveling by car up to Norway - we are planning to stop in Regensburg to visit some family.

- In June we will take two - one week courses with YWAM, Norway, and try to visit as many of our friends and family as we can.

- We will be back in Austria in the beginning of July to prepare for the Outreach that will be from the 21-30 of July. There are 40 people that are coming, and we need to prepare contacts, transportation, accommodation, translators and make them all feel welcome here. We really look forward to this group coming - it will be lots of work and lots of fun.

We will be in Tønsberg next weekend – we would like to meet as many of our friends as possible. Would someone like to go barbequing at a beach with us on Saturday???

Have a great summer,
Blessings from
Kristina and Per Eirik

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