tirsdag 26. januar 2010

Happy New Year!!

“I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?”
Isa. 43:19

It is an exciting year that lay ahead of us. We have waited for so long for this New Year to launch. We have waited with hopes and dreams for this new adventure we have only just began.

And what a great start this year got! January 2.nd we had a wonderful wedding celebration. Even though we got married this summer we had not had a big wedding reception as is usual in Norway. This summer we just had a small part of our families and some friends come. This time we had invited more of our families and friends had a big celebration. First we started with a “Blessing of our wedding” and a repetition of our vows in Iveland church – a beautiful white wood church from the eighteen century. Then we continued with dinner and coffee at Grosås center close by. The weather was very cold, but the snow glittering like diamonds in the sun, made it all feel like getting married in a fairytale. - It was all so beautiful! When we took our wedding pictures it was around minus 12 C – when we left the church it had sunk to about - 17C. The church was warm inside though, and it was a very touching and wonderful service. It was so nice to be able to gather friends and family to celebrate the promises my husband and I have given to each other and God. Last summer we had a perfect wedding day in the warm summer sun, this winter we had a perfect wedding celebration on a cold sunny winter day.

Two days after our celebration we headed north again towards Hamar and Grimerud (the main YWAM base in Norway). It was very, cold there. It is hard to describe but try imagining it being twice as cold as your deep freezer and you have the temperature at Grimerud. However, seeing good friends and acquaintances warmed our hearts. It was wonderful to be prayed for and officially sent out as missionaries for YWAM, Norway and Grimerud. As we were afraid we would not be able to start our car again if the temperature should fall down towards -40 C, we decided to make our stay at Grimerud a bit short. After a few days we headed south towards Tønsberg and Larvik, took the boat to Hirtshals and started on our long drive towards Austria.

After a 24 hour drive we arrived in the little town outside Vienna, where we are going to live. Now, my very patient husband, and I have been in a number of different stores trying to find the cheapest deals on furniture. We finally have our very own double bed :) .

Already the first day we got here we met another couple on our age. They are also newlyweds. They have been a big blessing for us. Twice we have had the pleasure of going with them to their cell group, where we have met more people at our age. It has been amazing to see how we have come into contact with so many different people these last few weeks. We have also started at a German course, and met more people that are at beginners’ level in German. Per Eirik seems to be much better at learning German than me. It might be because he had two years of German in school (16 years ago) and I hardly passed the one year I had; )

So, we will try to write more frequently now that we are settling in Austria. If you have the time, please leave us a note that you have been in here (just to say hi). You may have to push the “kommentar” button two times before it will work.

Bless you all!

Prayer requests:
- Pray that God will continue to open doors for us meet people that will be a blessing to us and that we will be able to bless.
- Pray for God’s wisdom and grace upon everything that we do.
- Pray for protection from injury and illnesses.
- Pray that we will be efficient carriers/sharers of the Word of God.
- Pray that we will have more people supporting us.
- Pray for our marriage.

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