mandag 6. september 2010

Hi Everyone

It is good to be in Austria. Fall seems to have come to our hometown. The air is crisp, but not too cold yet. The sun still gives warmth, and lets us know that warm days may yet come. A cold has set into our bodies – and we are discussing whether it was the long evenings spent with friends this weekend or Per Eirik’s football playing last week that caused it. It has been a good week- a good August so far.

In June we were home in Norway, but it wasn’t really a vacation. We had two weeks of courses. The best part of the courses was the relationships we built and the people we got to meet. The courses in themselves were not very fruitful. I was a bit sick the first week, but I think Per Eirik got something out of that week. However, the last week was almost horrible. I am used to a high academic standard and this just put me to sleep in class. The rest of our time in Norway was spent visiting friends and family – it was very nice to see everyone again. Thanks to everyone that had us over for dinner and had the time to visit with us. It was a true blessing.

In July we were back in Austria. We started working towards receiving a Mission Adventures team. We had meetings with different people and started to get a concrete plan for what the team would do when they got here. Sidsel Marie a worker from Grimerud, the main YWAM base in Norway came down a couple of days before the team came. She helped us with the detailed planning. It was so good to work with a third person down here. We sometimes get a bit lonely – without any coworkers and feel really blessed when someone comes down here to work with us.
The Mission Adventures team came down on the 22 of July. They were a group of teenagers from a Pentecostal church in Norway, traveling with YWAM. They were a great group of teenagers- who did an excellent job down here. I love teens and it was so fun to work with them a bit again. While the group was here they were out on the streets of Vienna, evangelizing and doing street meetings. We heard testimonies of good conversations and healing. A group of them also went with us to a couple of Pensions here where refugees live. There they helped, Miriam, a long time missionary here. She does a children’s club there once a week and visits with people. The kids had lots of fun with the face-painting and the balloon animals that the team made for them. It was also amazing to see how the kids were mesmerized when the team did drama. This opened the door for us to help Miriam in her ministry there more regularly. My husband and I have gone with Miriam three times after the team was here. We are thinking that - as long as other things don’t come in its way, we will go with her every week. This is a place where we can talk to people about God, build relationships, pray for/with people and see Him impact them.

A week ago we had a wonderful visit from home. Two of our good friends and supporters came down to visit us. That was such a blessing. We tried to give them a good taste of Austria –in a very short time. Austria is so much more than Vienna, and if people will let us, we show them some of the local secrets and beauties. It was sad to see our friends leave. It is then you realize how alone we are down here – it is a passing feeling because we know people are supporting us and standing with us, but we miss good friends. Good, strong relationships take time to build, and we are getting there, but they are not there yet.

We are now starting to plan an outreach in October. A team of six Norwegians are coming down here, and we are looking forward to it.

Finely we have also found a church where we feel at home. It is a small church, but the people there are very welcoming and focused on Jesus. We look forward to going there and hope we can be a blessing to them.

This was a little personal update on us.Please, remember us in your prayers.

Pray for:
- Strength and good health
- Good friendships and prosperous relationships
- Pray for YWAM Austria – that it gets a reel good re-start here.
o Pray that we would get a real clear vision of YWAMs role in Austria
- Pray that God would continue to fill us and use us.
- Pray that God will continiue to provide for us.
- Pray for the outreach we will have in October- pray for protection, pray that many people will be touched by God, pray that Gods Spirit will be poured out on people.

Blessings from Kristina

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